Podcasts and Interviews

SPRH Podcast

Making Friends with the Media: How to increase media coverage for your business as a thought leader and industry expert.

Author Talks

A Q&A with Alex about life as a writer and advice for aspiring journalists.

Be Awesome! Podcast

Rejection – yuck! No one likes rejection, but it’s present in everyone’s life, especially if you are learning new things and trying to develop in new areas. Alex Lyman sits down with host Dr. Kristina Hallett to talk about about how to change your perception and reaction to rejection.

Entrepreneur Masters Podcast

Entrepreneurship is rising on college campuses. What is higher education doing to keep up?

Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Alex sits down with host Stacy Jones to discuss how to sell yourself as an industry expert and thought leader. She also covers the important role that honesty, transparency, and building trust play in promoting your brand.